2-DG- New Anti Covid Drug launched by DRDO

What will you learn ?

  • What is 2-Deoxy D Glucose?
  • Is it newer or old drug ?
  • How it works ?
  • What are Uses ?
  • How it will be effective against COVID?
  • In what forms it is available?
  • How to take it?
  • Who can take it?
  • What are the side effects?
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What is 2-DG ?
2-Deoxy-D-glucose is a glucose molecule which has the 2-hydroxyl group replaced
by hydrogen, so that it cannot undergo further glycolysis.

Is it newer or old drug ?

  • It is not new chemical. It was used for other therapeutic purposes.
  • Used as an tumor cell therapeutic.
  • 2-Deoxyglucose labeled with tritium or carbon-14 has been a popular ligand for laboratory research in animal models, where distribution is assessed by tissue-slicing followed by autoradiography, sometimes in tandem with either conventional or electron microscopy.

How it works ?

  • 2-DG is up taken by the glucose transporters of the cell. Therefore, cells with higher glucose uptake, for example tumor cells, have also a higher uptake of 2-DG. Since 2-DG hampers cell growth, its use as a tumor therapeutic has been suggested, and in fact, 2-DG is in clinical trials.
  • A recent clinical trial showed 2-DG can be tolerated at a dose of 63 mg/kg/day, however the observed cardiac side-effects (prolongation of the Q-T interval) at this dose and the fact that a majority of patients’ (66%) cancer progressed casts doubt on the feasibility of this reagent for further clinical use.
  • However, it is not completely clear how 2-DG inhibits cell growth. The fact that glycolysis is inhibited by 2-DG, seems not to be sufficient to explain why 2-DG treated cells stop growing. Because of its structural similarity to mannose, 2DG has the potential to inhibit N-glycosylation in mammalian cells and other systems, and as such induces ER stress and the Unfolded Protein Response (UPR) pathway

    What are Uses ?
  • Can be used as a differential radio-modifier to improve the efficacy of radiotherapy.
  • Used as an Anti-COViD.

How it will be effective against COVID?

  • The drug thus works by stopping the viral growth in the body upon infection/spread. Any virus needs glucose to survive and thrive.
  • When the drug is injected into the body, it attaches itself to the virus and stops multiplication and further spread in the body, thereby working to control the complications and severity it can cause.
  • Thus, in a unique manner, it works to tame down viral replication and energy synthesis.

In what forms it is available?
How to take it?

  • It is available in powder form and taken orally.
  • The 2DG medicine is to be taken orally, mixed in water 2 times a day. COVID-19 patients may be required to take this drug for 5-7 days to completely stop viral growth.

Who can take it?

Right now, the drug has been recommended for use in moderate to severe COVID-19 cases only. Patients suffering from mild infections, recovering at home may not need the drug, and can easily recover at home following due protocols.

What are the side effects?

  • Do remember that like many, this still is an experimental drug that has been given emergency use nods. 
  • As per DRDO till now no side effect is reported.
  • But as it break the supply of glucose so it may render the normal cell functioning. For e.g an injured cell naturally goes under repair mechanism so at that time cell need more glucose/energy for repair process.
  • It may cause Q-T prolongation.
  • Don’t use this drug without physician advice.